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The simple suggestion in the back of this publication is that during a industry financial system there's never-ending style, humans die and are born, new items and strategies emerge and previous ones disappear and so forth. a few agencies develop others decline. a few humans get excessive salaries others get unemployed. possibilities, failures and services are to a wide volume random. An economic system has a specific amount of assets to divide between its participants. those assets may well range over the years however the fee of swap within reason small. The variety of folks in society can also differ however the price of swap is restricted. For a society comparable to the only defined above i used to be drawn to deriving equilibrium distributions of varied varieties and make a few exams of the distributions chanced on opposed to info for various nations. i've got studied the subsequent forms of distributions a) source of revenue distribution b) useful distribution of source of revenue c) dimension distributions of agencies. because the above pointed out distributions are comparable; one other major function of the publication has been to increase the same technique for the research of all 3 distributions in an effort to simplify the certainty in their relations.

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In the next chapter we shall use some of the results received here to determine the distribution of the economic result between labor and capital. 5. The data used are not very accurate and some rather strong deviances 1921-22, 1930 and 1941 are not unreasonable to expect. These years may also reflect certain circumstances (depression and war) which should be further investigated. On the whole we get values of 13 that are somewhat too low for the years that we have empirical data. 5 which would then improve the fit.

1. 7) where xi is a given income unit. ) o 1. 0 J 0 1. 6) 21 We will now show that this conditions is also necessary. 6). £.! 6) then l!! < at - ~. 10) we obtain aatH = If g(x. } (f! f! - f. ) dx. dx. f! - f. ) dx. dx. 12) and taking one half of the sum we obtain ~tH = 1/2 o If g(x. } (f! f! - f. ) (2 + log f. ) dx. dx. ) and l (x! ) since g(x l. ) l J income. 13) 22 aH --at = -21 II g(x. ) (f. f. - f! ) (2 + log f! f~) dx. dx. 13) and' (2. 15) vanishes. 8). 8). 16) has the form of ~ J ~ J a conservation law.

1 (c const. 5) a(x. ) depends upon the explicitly considered parameters ~ Nand K via 1I. If P(x i ) is dependent of N and K one might assume that p(x i ) reflect the effect of other factors not explicitly considered in the model. Thus Quandt [77] shows that the Champerowne distribution -bX. 1 • X -a i explains certain size distribution of firms quite well. 6) 31 p(x. ) l. l. x·l. -a which is independent of N and K. 1) 1) This appendix has previously been discussed in Naslund [§9]. CHAPTER 3 SIZE DISTRIBUTIONS OF INCOME Introduction The literature on the size distribution of income is very large.

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