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Soon afterward, the nucleus calms down by releasing some energy in the form of a gamma ray, which helps to heat the sun. The graph shows the force between the carbon nucleus and the proton as the proton is on its way in, with the distance in units of femtometers (1 fm=10−15 m). Amusingly, the force turns out to be a few newtons: on the same order of magnitude as the forces we encounter ordinarily on the human scale. ). 3 Varying Force 59 smaller once the proton has actually merged with the nucleus?

Even if it makes sense mathematically that W = F d gives zero when d is zero, it seems to violate common sense. You would certainly become tired! The solution is simple. 52 Chapter 3 Work: The Transfer of Mechanical Energy Physicists have taken over the common word “work” and given it a new technical meaning, which is the transfer of energy. The energy of the bag of cement is not changing, and that is what the physicist means by saying no work is done on the bag. There is a transformation of energy, but it is taking place entirely within your own muscles, which are converting chemical energy into heat.

6). The tension in the lefthand rope is equal throughout, assuming negligible friction, so there are two forces pulling the pulley to the left, each equal to the original force exerted by the tractor on the rope. This doubled force is transmitted through the right-hand rope to the stump. g / The pulley doubles the force the tractor can exert on the stump. It might seem as though this arrangement would also double the work done by the tractor, but look again. As the tractor moves forward 2 meters, 1 meter of rope comes around the pulley, and the pulley moves 1 m to the left.

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