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By Stephen P. Schwartz

A short historical past of Analytic Philosophy: From Russell to Rawls provides a finished evaluate of the ancient improvement of all significant facets of analytic philosophy, the dominant Anglo-American philosophical culture within the 20th century. 

  • Features assurance of all of the significant topic parts and figures in analytic philosophy - together with Wittgenstein, Bertrand Russell, G.E. Moore, Gottlob Frege, Carnap, Quine, Davidson, Kripke, Putnam, and plenty of others
  • Contains explanatory heritage fabric to assist clarify technical philosophical concepts
  • Includes listings of recommended additional readings
  • Written in a transparent, direct type that presupposes little past wisdom of philosophy


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The first part says there is at least one thing that is the first president of the United States (there is a first president of the United States), the next part is impossible to put into plain English from the symbols but says in effect that there is at most one, and the last part says that that unique president was born in Virginia. Voila! Although the symbolic form of the statement is not strictly necessary to understand the analysis, the analysis would not have occurred to Russell or appealed so much to others if it had not been so readily symbolized.

To give up a program that accomplished so much, and that promises the solution to such deep and troubling problems on the basis of a few technical difficulties that could just be ignored seems like extreme intellectual fastidiousness. It is also forthright honesty and commitment to seeking the truth that would have made Socrates proud. This is the essence of philosophy. 19 Russell and Moore Russell on Definite Descriptions Russell's 1905 article "On Denoting," published in the leading British philosophy journal Mind, is considered by philosophers of language to be the most seminal article in twentieth-century philosophy of language.

I suppose we could also say that Russell was a relative empiricist, 14 a relative platonist, and so on. In any case, Russell as an opponent of British involvement in World War I courageously refused to follow the multitude to slaughter. As a result of his opposition to the British war effort, he was dismissed from his position at Trinity College, Cam­ bridge, was fined and imprisoned for six months. Russell claimed that his pacifism was the only thing that claimed his true and deep commit­ ment.

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