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I See p. 26, n. 3. For a fuller list see Poutsma, Grammar', I, Ch. XIX, § 20. ' After to forbear not preceded by cannot or could not, an infinitive witb to is the rule: I forbear to enter into details. On to propose see Poutsma, Grammar', I, Ch. XIX, § 19. On the construction with and (try and remember), see 663. VERBS 28 Note also the difference after to mean: 1 He had never really meant ( = intended) to write that letter. This meant ( = entailed) converting merchant ships to carry fuel ana ammunition.

Mrs. G. is best known as the author of Cranford (1853). Note the use of the infinitives in this sentence (cf. 35). 30 VERBS 2. The following quotation from Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby, Ch. ' 71. After to need, to require and to want the gerund varies with the passive infinitive. In this case the grammatical subject of the finite verb is at the same time the logical object' of the gerund. a. b. a. b. a. b. That needs no accounting for. These quotations need to be checked. That young man will require looking after.

Also Am. They aim to save something every month, Engl. They aim M saving something every month (American College Dictionary). ) 73. Like the infinitive (cf. 40, 41), the gerund in a given sentence or clause may refer to the same agent (or subject) as the finite verb, or each may refer to a subject of its own. In the latter case the gerund is usually preceded by the stem 1 In Your house wants painting, your house is the grammatical subject of wants, but the logical object of painting, because the house undergoes the action of painting.

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