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By Lianne Warburton

Amphetamines, together with crystal meth, are a number of the robust and addictive medicinal drugs to be had. Their illicit use has devastated groups all over the place North the US. This identify explores the technological know-how and background at the back of primary stimulants, and offers information regarding habit and treatment plans.

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Following World War II, amphetamine use became common among returning soldiers. Amphetamines also became popular with other groups, including homemakers, who used the drugs to boost energy and for weight loss. Truckers used amphetamines to help them stay awake on long trips. Even athletes began adding these energy-enhancing drugs to their training programs. With this increase in amphetamine use, people in all areas of society began to witness the addictive properties and dangerous side effects of these drugs.

These labs can be found almost anywhere: homes, hotel rooms, garages, sheds, campgrounds, and even in the trunks of cars. 5 kg) of meth in 24 hours. Although the number of superlabs is growing, most labs that exist today are “mom-and-pop labs” that produce 1 to 2 ounces (30 to 60g) of meth each day. Many of the chemicals used to make meth are dangerous. If the meth is not made properly, these chemicals can be left behind in the drug and can kill a user. These are some common ingredients used to make methamphetamine: • • • • • • • • Pseudoephedrine and ephedrine: Ingredients in cold remedies and herbal products Acetone: The main ingredient in nail-polish remover Toluene: A chemical used to make paint and paint thinner Iodine: A product used to disinfect (clean) wounds Anhydrous ammonia: A fertilizer Lithium: A chemical used in some batteries Lye: An ingredient in drain cleaner Camp stove fuel The Devil’s Candy: Crystal Meth and Other Amphetamines An Indiana police officer holds a toy tanker filled with anhydrous ammonia, a nitrogen fertilizer used to make methamphetamine.

Some addicts may begin selling or manufacturing drugs. Addicts forge prescriptions, steal identities, write bad checks, and lie to their friends and families. Many addicts wind up in jail, or dead. OVERDOSE: SITUATION CRITICAL Overdose is a risk with any drug. However, it is less likely to occur with stimulants than it is with drugs (continues on page 65) the high life: dependence, addiction, and overdose THE SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES OF STIMULANT ABUSE Every day, we see and hear more information about the harmful physical and mental health changes associated with drug use.

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