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Upon examination of the stone, Joseph Day reports that in line 3 restoration, is to be preferred;" 59 the editors of IG "m[cr1~:r6s, the old e 1258, upon examination of a squeeze, keep the restoration m[crcr]:ros. Hansen, however, rejects this restoration primarily on philological grounds and suggests that the deceased of this epitaph was a paterfamilias whom the word mvuT6S would better suit. The idea of the deceased being old in turn 58 Stelai of the man-and-dog type usually represent older men (for discussion of the type, see Clairmont 1970, pp.

52 The words and expressions which are used to describe Lampito and her fate are highly poetic and frequently occur in Homeric epic (for example ev yailJ naTpwfl:l in Od. 189, aiSoiTJ napaKOITIS in Od. ). 53 Viviers 1992, pp. 103-108. He restores (p. 106) the upper surface of the base as H. 306 m L. 945 m, Th. Th. 505 m); and of the cutting as L. 705 m, W. W. 365 m), D. 02. In fact, they could be even closer to a square, and in any event are very close to the dimensions of the base of Anaxilas' monument (58) which must have represented a seated figure (base H.

87): ovBels yap o\hcu CxVOllTOS EOTl OOTIS TIOAEJ,lOV npo eipiJVllS aipeeTat" ev 11ev yap Tlj oi naiBes Tovs naTepas 86::nTovm, ev oe Tc';) oi naTepes Tovs naiBas. For no one is, of himself, so foolish as to prefer war to peace; in the one, children bury their fathers; in the other, fathers their children. (trans. D. Grene) Untimely death and the burial of children by their parents represent the inversion of the natural order of life and death, a grievous fate which is frequently alluded to in verse epitaphs.

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